Action Compaction Services and Action Container Solutions, the ACS Companies, were originally started by Jerome Vinagro. Later, Brian Gibson joined Jerome as a co-owner and together they built a premier manufacturing and service company. Customer service, quality, along with industry experience and knowledge – drove them to excellence.

In 2013 became part of Wastebuilt. Since this merger, Wastebuilt Phoenix has expanded their replacement part’s business, branded it Stepp Parts and opened a new facility to accommodate the substantial growth in parts.



Director of Manufacturing

  • Ben leads the Phoenix team and is responsible for all aspects of Manufacturing and Engineering.
  • He is an Industrial Engineer and Certified Supply Chain Professional with over 20 years of manufacturing experience.
  • Ben brings a professional level to all aspects of production.


  • Brett is the plant manager at the Phoenix location
  • Brett brings over 12 years of manufacturing experience to the facility
  • He has a Masters in Management and Organizational Leadership